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Act Three: Work and such

So thing lately have been going very well. I start work next week on the 8th, but on the 7th we're having a costumer's potluck. Here's how that happened.

So on Monday, Bob and I go over, they tell me he isn't there. We leave, and he stops us as we were heading down 4th. We stay for about an hour and he gives us a tour and we hear some interesting stories about why certain rules were then established. I was then asked to come back at seven (which I did), and then met the wig person, who was absolutely fantastic. Anyway, the meeting was essentially introducing the new parents to what they were going to experience. I also found out that hours will be from eight in the morning to eight or ten at night. And we might take hand sewing out on the local beach at some point!!

So, both wig and costume designers convinced me to go to Old School Pizza with them, which was a really cool place; they had a whole bunch of pinball machines in the back, one was Hook and a slice of cheese pizza's, like, a dollar. Good thing, though, was that it's right next to the transit center. I ended up getting home at around 9:30ish, and there were quite a few people over. Harlan decided to visit (and he cut off all his metal hair, which was really sad), Tez's mum was there, and so was Tez and his girlfriend, and a guy that I didn't know that turned out to be kinda...odd. Harlan and I talked about the rave scene and tried describing it to people, and then we started talking about "Rivethead" dancing, which is apparantly the dancing they do at industrial clubs.

I was told it was like...waiving in an airplane, but less structured. And then we decided that Para Para was more like waiving in an airplane

...Anyway, I woke up early, went down to the CAB (which is where the book store is and the cafeteria) and got alot of work done (in terms of writing). Came back, then Peter, Harlan, and I went to R dorm hung out with a guy named Henry for a while, and then went on a woods walk. Later Erik and Nikki invited us over for dinner, which was chicken in plum sauce with rice, and eggplant hummus (without the chickpeas).

Hopefully today we'll be going to see UP, which I'm rather excited about.

Act Two: Здравствулте!

(The above is "Hello!" in Russian; romaized being "Zdras-TVUY-Tye" ("Tye" being Tee-ay"))
(Another quick note on Russian: I'm sure we all know "Хороший день" (or "Das Vidanye" (don't know if the rominization on that one was right)), which actually also means "Be in good health". I think that's pretty snazzy).

Anyway, still struggling with these pictures, I'll figure 'em out somehow. But things've been pretty great here so far.

Yes, mum, I got my bank account set up properly, and am going to visit the Capital Playhouse this monday. I also got your emails, and thanks for letting me know about Dr. Yau's stuff. By the by, Plenty's is no more. That is to say that it's got a new name slapped on it; "Olympic Grille". It looks to be the same thing, but Bob and I have yet to find out.

Dad, I got your email too (and responded), so I guess it's just you commin' then. Hurm. Hope things've been going well.

Okay, so...what's happened so far:

So, we celebrated seanparkerfilms birthday with Bob roasting a gigantic ham (I mean gigantic) and it was rather swell. I quickly threw together a honey spice cake (which had coffee in it as well), and it tasted rather...apple-y. It was very strange, but everyone seemed to like it. It was really great to see everyone again, and we finished off the evening with a walk around campus.

The next morning, Peter and I hung out whilst Bob was at class and watched Intergalactic 5555, which is the visual component of Daft Punk's "Discovery". It's pretty nifty, and you should go check it out sometime. All thirteen parts are on youtube. Anyway, we also went grocery shopping that day, came back, and...hung out.

I also helped out seanparkerfilms with his Junior film "The Lightcrafter".Go here now to see cool stuff! and to figure out what the heck I'm talkin' about!!. I managed to hotwire the flashlight that was an integral part to the film (so I feel pretty accomplished XD), and helped him light the rest of his shoot. If there's a copy online, I'll be sure to put the link up ^^. I've also helped him shoot some of the bedroom scenes, which involved crawling underneath the bed, free handing the camera, which weighed about seven pounds easy (that lense was INTENSE).

Harmony showed me her garden, and I helped plant some stuff, which was awesome. She's got lettuce, beans, and marigolds right now, and we planted some chamomile, majoram, sage, and other herbs. It was actually pretty funny: There was a hole in the hose and Sean and I were unkinking it, and water was unleashed in a violent torrent, literally pushing me backwards. Harmony and I also had a wonderful walk two days ago. There was barely a cloud in the sky and we could see the Cascades clearly off in the distance. Did I mention the water was clear too? Again, sorry I don't have pictures right now, but I'll make a huge picture post once I'm able to figure out how to make 'em look proper.

We're actually kinda desperate for rain right now (funny, eh?). We've had about a week of really bright sun. Par example: Peter and I were walking around outside, for about...a half hour, and I got really bad sunburn. It's okay though, it's healed up pretty quick.

Peter and I also headed out to Tumwater to help James with his film, which involved shadow puppetry. Because of my recent streak in crafty-ness, I managed to help rig a screen up pretty quickly. (We were in a television studio, so...). We had some string, a bedsheet, some inch wide PVC pipe, clamps and tape at our disposal. We also used cardboard cutouts for the puppets, which were more like scenery anyway. There was a car, a strip of shrubbery and a tree, and a mobile type thing when spun gave a tunnel effect.

Yesterday, Bob got a haircut and I set up a bank account (finally). We had a quick lunch at Traditions, which has always been a favourite place of mine. Cheap eats, which are wonderful. And people are so nice. It's also got a great view of the Capitol building. We ran to catch the bus, because he was presenting in the Evergreen Science Carnival about phages. It's an event that's been going on for several years, and it gives the community a chance to get together and learn about science and stuff. I know it sounds pretty corny, but it was pretty great to see everyone out and about with their kids (well not everyone). The Chemistry Club had Periodical Table of Element cupcakes, and I was rather disappointed. Sure they used different materials to differentiate the types of elements, but they didn't even bother to put the atomic numbers on them. When I made the "Chemical Cupcakes" (I got to Xenon by the by), I put the numbers on! so there! They also had cotton candy too...which was nice ^^. They also had a HUGE baking soda and vinegar volcano, performed a thermite reaction, and had the classic diet coke and mentos bottle reaction. Instead of one however, they took a paperclip, and threaded an entire packet onto it. And yes, there was also ice cream made with liquid Nitrogen.

So...that's about it so far. We were supposed to see Anna and Casey's goats today. We haven't got a hold of them yet, so...I dunno. And we're going to try and organize an outing to the Point Defiance Zoo and Aquarium in Tacoma soon.

And now, as I started the entry with something Russian, I shall end it with something Russian.

Act One: Returning

So...I'm in Olympia now, it's about 10h22 this side this time. Bob's gone off to class and Peter and I are going to go food shopping ^^. I'm still rather tired, but I'm hangin' in there. I'm also cleaning the kitchen after last night's party for seanparkerfilms. I will also post pictures of Twinkie Haus later this week, but lemme explain my story...(EDIT: Alas pictures are being stupid.I'll have to find a different way of posting them).

After two wonderful weeks at home, (and a few days of just watching films, Charlie Bartlett=good, Terminator films=good, Predator=not so much). Mum and I went to the airport at 4h00 and found out that my 7h00 flight was changed to 6h00. I had a half hour to get through airport security and get to the plane. I must've looked like a raving lunatic, because I got there about ten minutes ahead, and was freaking out that I was going to delay the plane and blah blah blah. Everything was fine, got into Detroit on time. Got into SEA-TAC early actually (which was nice). The Aeroporter took, like, two friggin' hours, and was playing "smooth jazz" on the way down...which was AWFUL!!! I dunno about you guys, but I can only take so much.

As of late, I've been switching between Fallout 3 and Oblivion, and doing various things in between...like...getting the 'fridge replaced and going to the Organic farm.

Tomorrow, I will make a better post, as I am rather tired...


Returning a year later

So here I am safe and sound. I will make a more proper post tonight. Currently, Bob is baking a ham and we're celebrating a friends'(seanparkerfilms) dinner tonight.
Sorry that I haven't really updated in a while. One, lackage of internet has caused this to happen and two...as well as the move. Bob and I are going shopping today, and are pretty much moved and ready for the Blasdels to be over for dinner when Fred's graduation happens later this comming week. We still aren't sure what we're going to be cooking, but we did find an awesome table on Craigslist.com. We might possibly get it today or tomorrow. This also leads to another thing...being able to work on stuff. I need to make some Jedi robes (as well as cosplay) when Austin comes up to visit. Sadly, this morning, I recieved a message from him that his visit will be postponed because of his driving test. Well...good for me that this gives me more time to make Jedi robes.

Later this week, I'll be going to the first (well...my first at any rate) production meeting of A&C. I still need to a bit more research, as I have been too busy moving things. My plan is to research armor building, then go through "Costume History" and make some quick notes about things.

Ah...also a brief recap of what happened this week. First and most importantly, starting with Joel Salatin.

He's the owner and founder of Polyface farms, and came (all the way from Appalachia...ironically)and talked to us about how farming should be de-industrialized. He had a couple of interesting quotes such as "A nation that views their animals as homoginized creatures, they must think of their own citizens that way...even other cultures". He kept on talking about the holistic way of food, and how everything should work together.

Other things that happened last week? Well, I NPCed for Peter's Changeling game (which is kind of like a faerie court thing), and he said he really liked how I played this goblin merchant (Yaets Emberfizz).I also helped a friend build his interperation of death (and I will get pictures as soon as I can, promise). And Eric and I went out yesterday and I bought a beautiful wall scroll and a fish keychain. Last night, Bob and I ate junk food (which we never do), and watched four episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. We're almost done with season one, so it's pretty exciting.

Still promise pictures...I really do!!!

More letters from the old forest...

Again...another week has passed by a tad languidly for your author. Because Bob is so redicoulously busy, I haven't had terribly much to do, but Anna (Casey's girlfriend) has been very kind to give me the task of making two skirts for her. Payment will be sorted out later. They've been kind enough to take me out grocery shopping for the four of us, as well as just...go around in general. A few days ago, we went to this place called Skippers; kind of like a Denny's but more seafood oriented. Anyway, what I had made me rather sick, but my stomach of adimantium (that's right...) managed to keep it down. My current diet is very organic and the like, so throwing that into the system kinda gums up the works.

Anyway, more about the job: I managed to get in touch with Monique on friday, and the way that she talked to me about stuff was...almost like I was assistant costume designer...which is pretty cool. But then again, I don't want to make too many assumptions here. I'm just glad I'm working on this at all. She says she has six hundred to pay stitchers, so...pending on how many people she gets to help her, means how much she gets to divvy up this lump sum. So...could be alot, could be a little. It also appears that I'm the only one that has expressed general interest in this project. Also, we're going to be, most likely, working with leather for armor. I should do some research, and get prepared for that as well (as some additional research), so I don't come in dry. That would suck.

As for pictures, I know...I'm sorry, but when I manage to get a good chance to go to a place to get a cord, I will then have them up...in the mean time...well...I'm sorry...

First entry! W00t!

So...I am here in Olympia, and I know I haven't really updated, but only because I was hoping of something of interest to come up, but...here's a day by day break down.


Mum so kindly dropped me off at the airport and I embarked on my five hour flight to SEA-TAC. Casey later picked me up, and dropped me off at the house. It's very nice, and filled with aquariums (that are self sustanining). I later surprised Bob. He's been terribly busy with Inverterabrate Zoology. I majorly slept the entire day, and we were visited later by Erik, Nikki, Sean, Harmony, and Casey. I later cleaned the kitchen and then we slept.


I basically cleaned and did laundry the entire day. It gave me something to do in the meantime when Bob wanted me to pick him up from class. I managed to get a lot of reading done with "The Wyvern Mystery" by J.S. LeFanu. As I met Bob after class (he had to do a powerpoint presentation), we went over with his lab partner to cut off the arm of a starfish in order to study limb regeneration. I actually got to see what they had collected from their week long fieldtrip: there were a few cephelopods, as huge sea stars. We both ended up going to the academic fair, so Bob could find out what classes he wanted to take. He's now thinking about Molecule to Organism (which I will explain at a later date), and is one of the more challenging science classes. Anna came home later that night with Casey.


Went grocery shopping, which killed both trapezius muscles (because they were so heavy and I walked with heavy groceries for a while before getting to the bus stop). Later, we went to Anna's family farm. I really wish I was able to get the chance to take pictures, because of the amount of animals they had: guinea hens, peacocks, running ducks, geese, rabbits, chickens...they also have two mastiffs, and one of which (Jack, the younger one) is going to live with Anna and Casey. We both headed back and the two of them left to bike to Lacey. Erik stopped by and Bob came back eventually, and we headed out to Raghas; a Thai place. Dinner was awesome.


So today, I walked Bob to work and we headed into the woods whilst eating our breakfast. We also passed some slugs on the way, and he wanted to pick them up, because he needed some gastropods to dissect. I promised him that I'd get them for him. When I got back, Casey and Anna were awake and we all went together to gather slugs. We've been cleaning all morning, and as I've been typing this one of the slugs escaped into a bag of sugar (but didn't actually get into the sugar). Later today, Casey's running a game, and Sean wants me to tell him about my character for his WWII game. Erik also wants me to run a session of Earth's Degenerates, so I guess I'll involve Peter and Bob in it as well.

During the weekend, we need to do more grocery shopping, baking and buying sheets. So...more updates later.